Le Messie - Marma Spot Interview

The people over at The Marma Spot just recently interviewed Le Messie. He answered questions about his FALSE brand, the role of the internet in the global marketplace and some other things. Here's the part where he talked about his collabo with Lupe:

The Marma Spot:
FALSE has been involved with some pretty powerful collaboration to date, most notably the collabs with Lupe Fiasco and BlackSmith Entertainment. Can you talk a bit about those collaborations, how they unfolded, how the process really worked, and could you let us in on any other/new collabos you have in the works?

Le Messie:
Yes yes, I personally really love those. Lupe and myself are good buddies. That collabo has been in the back burner for almost a year. I managed to get something up that I liked and Lupe felt strongly for, we worked through it together and TADA! I created Lupe the Killer… the feminine alter ego hero of Lupe!...

You can read the full interview
right here

Side Note: On his FaceBook profile he said that he produced a track for Lupe's next album and that he hopes that it'll make the cut... - I hope so too because he did a great job producing "Fighters".

Le Messie on FaceBook
FALSE on FaceBook


  1. this is actually a re-posted very old interview.. great nonetheless! Le Messie is cute as hell..

  2. The site doesn't officially launch until Monday. That was the very first season of interviews I ever did and a new season is about to begin. So please come back often. Respect.


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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