Lupe Fiasco Guest Programs Rage This Saturday !

This is for all the Lupe fans in Australia: Join Lupe Fiasco as he guest programs Rage this Saturday, March 21st.

Expect more than a few surprises as Lupe programs everything from Joy Division to Alice In Chains, plus of course some of his favourite hip-hop artists.

Join him on the Rage couch from 10am – 11am Saturday morning, then enjoy the full guest programming starting at 11pm Saturday night on ABC1.

If you can't watch it, you can Click Here and check the playlist that Lupe put together.


  1. I watched the show, And as he was introducing the video for Rabbit in your Headlight by Unkle, He mentioned that he's working with them on his next album.. So yeah,

  2. ah i missed it!! did anyone record it? lol

  3. Hello/Goodbye Lupe voice=Percival "Hindenburg" Fats (Facts Prevail)


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