Lupe Fiasco - Past Addictions Return

Lupe: I haven't held up highly prized items while taking self-portraits to put online for people to see in a Loooooongtiiimmmmeeeee....Hypebeast blog and NimNim halcyon days long since passed...

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-Nice to see that Lupe is getting more active on the net again!
Will he keep it up?...only time will tell...would be dope though.


  1. Id rather him drop an album than cut his hair so BOYCOTT THAT HAIRCUT!

  2. random factoid of the day..

    i found out about Hypebeast whilst looking for more Lupe info bk in '06

  3. Damn, boy-- shave your skull! Eww... He's about to lose his sexy.

  4. damn mastermind x fragment. hair's dope tho YEEEEESSSS to anti-establishment long haired uncomformity ahaha... oh and hurry up with the music!!

  5. I have a weird feeling that Lupe's gonna end up braiding his hair.

    hmm lol

  6. ^^ no he won't. not unless he wants to get clowned off of earth. especially in the chi, if u aint already have braids and u get them now u won't hear the end of it. that's like wearin a do-rag to the club


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