Lupe Fiasco Tweets About His Favorite Rappers

Straight from his Twitter Page....leave your thoughts in the
comments and tell us about your favorites !


I know someone who said the same thing about
Kanye like a month ago....Click Here


  1. how does he feel about Drake? somebody should ask him

  2. how does he feel about Drake? somebody should ask him

  3. Wow... my favorite rappers are MF Doom and Lupe Fiasco.

    I had no idea Lupe recognized MF Doom for the genius that he is!

    I wonder if DOOM recognizes Lupe!

  4. Prolly... I can't believe he likes Em though, I mean I do too of course gotta love the D. But I had no idea Lu did.

  5. Its pretty dope that he acknowledges Blu in such high regard. Much respect on that.

  6. WTF people... It's DOOM not Doom.
    "Just remember all caps when you spell the man name"
    Simple ish.

    And Eminem was good once, he isn't any longer. Same for Kanye (assuming he continues to fag sing).

  7. I love most of the rappers he mentioned. Em is great I never knew Lu liked him. :D I love how he recognizes Blu as the genius he is.

  8. i shouldve known he liked em because of the "Lu Myself" but it surprised be a tad...

    lovin the comparisons to artists though...great shit

  9. how feel about asher roth


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