1. this honestly made me wanna get a mac lol

  2. Apple sucks. Fact.
    This song is full of a lot of bullshit. FACT.
    Half of the stuff isn't even true and never was. Apple never made their own parts and now they use the exact same parts as any PC which is why it can run Vista.

    A bit embarassing you got all this shit wrong.

    Not to mention that everything the Mac does, PC does just as well.

  3. LOL! LOVE this song, LOVE my macbook pro!

  4. lol...the track is nice and the video is cool, too...

    I can't judge if Apple is better than Windows stuff though...

    Someone buy me a MacBook Pro....lol

    btw...how many volumes of ElectroRock are we going to get?

  5. thanks -i am certainly not sure yet -
    if i had some type of way to make music without having to go to work, without having to go to school - to have the music on a more professional platform - i could further develop something sooooo ridiculous.
    real deal!


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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