One Week Left

Lupe stated last week that he would only stay on Twitter for 2 weeks, well he just twitted saying: "one more week then it's a wrap..." which made me think of a theory, so here it is:

Lu teased us with a preview of Shining Down via live stream from a studio on monday night. I believe that in exactly one week, when he makes his last post on his twitter before he deletes it again, that he will finally release Shining Down officially, either that or something else.

So could it be that he is trying to go out with a bang?? only time will tell...



  1. The reason why I thought of that theory was because why else would Lu randomly get twitter out of the blue??? Maybe just to announce the album title? who knows, but the whole "2 week" timed thing just makes me suspicious, I know my marketing strategies, and I smell marketing!!! lol

  2. It does make sense..the live chat came out of nowhere too. I hope you're right!

  3. i will eat food off of the ground if this happens

  4. I hope you are right and he leaves twitter with a bang.

    Don't know if it'll be a track...

    next week is gonna be interesting.

  5. yee it makes could be that...


    one week until the whole album finishes!

    cos if I'm not wrong..i've seen Lupe's saying on Twitter about 60% done...and umm yeah whatever it is it's gonna be dope!

  6. ^^hhmm...maybe we'll get a release date...


  7. lol true.

    aaahhh can't wait for a week!

    I wanna know what it is noooooowwww lol

    Lupe has been full of mysteries lately.

  8. nah he did this so that he could make all ya'll think he'll do somethin when he will probably just end up doing nothing lol jk
    i have been hearing things bout it from my source he said he has heard the same thing that sean thinks is happening possibly and that he is releasing an official release date, the cover, and shining down

  9. lol @ you guys getting your hopes up about a THEORETICAL fnf release date

    come on now

  10. Man one week from tomorrow Lu is coming to eastern illinois! maybe he'll debut shinning down here, that would be freaking amazing!

  11. tonight he'll perform in Boston....

    maybe he'll say something about the new album at the show...or premiere a track...

    who knows...


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