Rakeem Johnson Wrote An Awesome Article About Lupe

Lyrically, I have not heard an emcee whose stanzas contain as much depth, attention to word choice, etc. as his. His effortless lyricism is incomparable and he utilizes intellectual, elaborate to paint incredible mental visuals on wax.

His wordplay is remarkable as well as there are few people that can toy with words like he can whether it be the intricate metaphors, references or just flat out rhyming… NO ONE does it quite like he does.

While many emcees need three (or more) verses to flesh out their message, Lupe dares to go a bit further by stuffing one verse with so much information that is impossible to catch all the hidden meanings in one listen and he succeeds without losing the topic or his ground (”Theme Music to a Drive-By”).

To be such a young emcee, he is also consistent with his rhymes meaning he doesn’t just drop a classic verse here and there, but he’ll consistently drop great rhymes.

In the vein of the Notorious B.I.G., Lupe sets the bar so high for himself that even material that is considered “filler” for him is still better than a lot of other emcees’ material. Like only a few before him, there is no such thing as “a bad Lupe verse”.

And this was only the part about Lupe's lyrics, CLICK HERE to read part 1 of the full article.

Also check SketchesOfMySoul, you can already find part 2 on there!

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