Straight From Twitter

Straight from Lupe's Twitter, after he told us the title of the album, he
now revealed that the album could drop before the Live DVD....

more interesting updates:

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  1. omg im so is LASER??? wut happened to the greatest rap album ever or w.e.? or wut happened to everywhere?

  2. lol in his twitter he made a post that says he didnt like how the great american rap album was turning out so he trashed it and is working on the lasers project... ahaha

  3. i thought lupe deleted his twitter

  4. and he was talking ish to me about being better @ Street Fighter IV...who the hell he think he is??? I'd beat him down on SFIV without even trying

  5. lol rhymestyle gone get his ass whooped in street fighter

  6. nah only a handfull of people beat me:
    Konee Rok
    King Eljay

    And turbo aint play me on SFIV yet, so he dont count, but he's on the list for beating me down on HD Remix lmao

  7. yea Rhymestyle i remember them kicking the snot out of you in sf4 --- like terrible! lol

  8. Lupe reallyy pisses me off....damn this guyy!!

    And rhymestyle, is that street fighter 4 for ps3???

  9. yo if u have street fighter 4 for the ps3 and u play online hit me up gamertag= YoungPhonte or if u have a xbox360 and have gears of war 2 hit me up xboxlive=YoungPhonte


  10. haha otaku representing... yep just know if anyone plays any of us, be ready to trade yo game back to Gamestop... hahaa

  11. what does he mean by "lupend is cancelled" is it cancelled as in it will never come out or its gonna be da last album, i know its just a title but still lupend sounds better than lasers oh well still gonna by it and support lu

  12. food and liquor,the cool,and lasers? wtf lol


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