Video: Cee-Lo Green x Lupe Fiasco have a Staring Contest

Check out the premiere of 'Cee-Lo Green: Talking To Strangers' - Wednesday June 22nd at 11PM/10c on FUSE!


  1. i would stare at lu all day. i'd prolly lose from giggling, but i'd still have a staring contest.

    now let me set a programming reminder for this show...

  2. ^^^

    I know that's right I would stare at Lu all damn day!!!!!!!!!!

  3. this the type of bullshit that mainstream rappers do

    but on any good day its still quite funny

  4. He can be so silly sometimes.
    LOL I love him!!!

  5. I guess Lupe won lol...that was teh shortest starring contest ever :p

  6. "we'll SEE" -Ceelo green
    "I guess we will" -Lupe

    ^they'll SEE because they're eyes will be wide open the entire time, hence the "i guess we will" (as in will be SEEING). Clever...

    or maybe its not as deep as Im making it lol. Meh.

  7. It's not a real starring contest if you are wearing glasses. :)
    But i guess if Lu took his off he wouldnt be able to see Cee-lo at all.

  8. danny bouth - i was there !

  9. yeah, lu can't see too good. maybe he'll bring out his "smart glasses" from the colbert report. LOL

  10. I was at this taping.
    Lupe killed his performance.
    & he had us laughing in between songs.
    I hope someone has video of him making up words to cee-lo's "f you". It was hilarious.


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