Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor Live Chat

Lupe's live chat commemorating the 5th anniversary of Food & Liquor is going down at 6PM EST! If you have any questions, go HERE and ask them in the sidebar chat!

UPDATE: Live stream is over but you can watch it all above!


  1. hate when people ask stupid questions

  2. schism of fandom - choose yo sideMonday, September 19, 2011 at 6:59:00 PM EDT

    mad stupid questions and madd people asking him how to become an artist. wtf are they thinking? one dude was like, you makin beats is mad hard and and im trying to write raps but im having trouble, any advice??? like, yo, stuupit! look what you dun dun doe! aint about dat homey! keepin it locked on f&l was the big homey's goal tonight! cant be dealin wit that petty shit! smh at these dumb ass fans. he didnt even need the fans. every question he answered sounded like, "what was your inspiration for [insert song title here]?"

    i asked if anybody give him shit for makin a 12 minute outro but he didnt answer that. some dude asked what it was like workin with jay-z... he sent him his fuckin verse bruh! next question.

    i asked what happened to gemstones, no reply.

    y'all dudes are str8 baby thighs man! keepin it fresh wit that talcum like the X in fronta malcom. aint a thang up this bit.

  3. I never knew what Food and Liquor meant. But I guess it means Food = Good, Liquor = Bad, and the aspects of the two. Cool

  4. well if you listened to the intro of F&L...

  5. Smh... typical lupe fans not knowing what's what with anything before lasers. just like the fiasco friday protestors that never had bought a lupe album... smh

  6. Not to be an elitist but new fans are the worst lol They don't know anything if my ass wasn't sleep when this happened I would of asked some better questions.

  7. No need to worry about the new fans lol if f&l II is the album that true lupe fans (not the bandwagon, mediocrity loving conformists that hopped on LASERS because it was lyrically shallow and melodically mundane... compared to Lu's previous work) hope for it to be, then the simpletons will become scarce

  8. wow you niggas are some cry that lu aint famous enough, but when he gets new fans who dont research every aspect of his career somehow they suck?

    GET THE FUCK OUT OF YOU. and if you said that lasers is melodically mundane compared to other shit you're a fuckin moron. if i was lupe and had fans like you i'd slit my own throat

  9. i wasnt even listening to what he was saying..i was just staring at wasalu're so beeeaautiful!

  10. Hey Im a new fan, but Ive been doing my research... i was turned onto lupe only when i heard WINS. I've always been what i guess you can call a "conspiracy theorist" just always questioning things.. after that song I began digging into lupe and just was blown away at his content, depth, talent, and just overall bad assness.

    Every time I listen to him I make sense of new line/stanza/entendre that I cant believe this guy isn't more well known.. And as a person who has his left pinky toe in the music business (I understand what CAN happen in the business) LASERS was Atlantics attempt at dumbing Lupe down. Even then he spits a lot of truth in his lyrics throughout the album.

    Some "old fans" dont understand this, which is why, IMO, Lupe leaked out Go To Sleep. THAT is the kind of song that shows Lupe's true full talent and I cant wait for F&L2.. Its gonna be so wild because it will align with a positive shift in the world and people WILL take notice. People on my light will understand how much Lupe is gonna blow up, maybe today they dont understand, "but tomorrow, they will!"

  11. continue from ^^^anon..

    Lupe is the Fucking man, I've NEVER been upset with something he's done since I first discovered him he speaks so much truth I cant believe the dumbasses that call him "illuminati" and all that dumb fear mongering BS... THE. FUCKIN. MAN!

  12. Ah here comes the fans with the female tendencies lol LASERS was melodically mundane. It's production was Atlantic's handiwork, using the fans and protest as leverage to bully Lu. Yes, he had to acquiesce to there notion of "music", because he wanted to reward the petition/protest with a harvest. It truly isn't a Lupe Fiasco album, hence why it isn't Lupe Fiasco's LASERS... and to the anonymous that had the audacity to presumptuous state that I'm a dumbass LOL go listen to f&l and the Cool- timeless records with damn near infinite replayability.... LASERS lacks that, it's much too generic. Not ragging on Lu, because it was the label's doing.
    Now, good sir (presuming you are because it seems you have an alpha complex. This is probably derived from some deep psychological issue. Any kid, yes you are a child mentally and emotionally, that finds it necessary to try to establish some sort of pedestal in a social hierarchy... on an internet site, needs to reevaluate his life) keep your inferiority complex and insecurities in check lol it's absolutely unnecessary to lash out at someone with differing opinions. All that illustrates is a lack of cognitive ability to access a situation and proceed with this little thing called insight.
    *waits for the kid to return with another comment, oblivious to the validity of any notion or ideal other than his*

  13. ^ blackfrost was talking to 2 people.

    the first one being this guy...

    "Hey Im a new fan, but Ive been doing my research..."

    the second one being this guy...

    "wow you niggas are some cry that lu aint famous enough, but when he gets new fans who dont research every aspect of his career somehow they suck?"

  14. ^i was just talking to the second guy.
    Speaking for myself, and probably a sizeable portion of Lupe's pre-LASERS fans, I have absolutely no problem with the new fans as a whole. My distaste is specifically for the "individuals" that are bandwagoning. Hell, I haven't been a Lupe fan from the start. Thought dude was pretty ill on Touch the Sky, but didn't comprehend the sickness until DjBooth released the Coolest. It was the first time that I heard a rapper articulate my ideals and notions of morality with such craft. That satirical masterpiece was all it took...
    Just find it amusing that some random kid had a sociopathic spazz session on the internet... without taking a single moment to read and comprehend. Not once did i say "fuck the new fans... all of them!" If read in the correct context, it would be seen as "Well the simple-minded conformists will get weeded out when Lu gets a chance to create an unadultered album (f&l II)" lol smh

  15. i asked lupe what his favorite song was after a concert once and he said daydreams. i liked it live! he took his shirt off and it was crazy i got to dance on stage (atlantic city, nj) steppin lasers tour. i went because i was so stoked for lasers to drop. anyways, i couldnt find daydreams on itunes. however, is this a mixtape song? does anybody know where i can download it or hear a mp3 version if there is a released version?


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