Battle Scars goes Gold in Australia!

Shortly before its US release and after debuting at #1 on the Australian charts last week, we can report that the song is still #1 and it's been certified Gold (over 35k copies sold) just 2 weeks after its release.

Congrats Guy and Lupe!


  1. Wow that was fast. Congrats

  2. dude on the left arm is disfigured they photoshopped his bicep onto his tricep

  3. ^^^^
    Lol. Naw. He just has a bigger tricep and he's pressing and flexing a bit too much in the picture lol. >__< I'd know because mine's the same haha.
    Lupe's vest is tough though. And the song is good too.

  4. 35k is gold in Australia? lol talk about lowered expectations.
    And i hate the fact its gonna be on f&l has nothing to do with america or rapity rap rap.

  5. shut the fuck up and enjoy music.

  6. it is killing it in oz
    very few songs sell that quick and do what battle scars is doing
    its still #1 week 3
    lupes behind it so lets go USA!

  7. Australia = 22mil population
    USA = 300 mil population

    Thats why gold is different their...dumbass

  8. also #7 in New Zealand ( with no promo) and climbing

    USA bring it!


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