Guy Sebastian does Lupe's rap parts on Battle Scars ~ LUPEND

Friday, November 23, 2012

Guy Sebastian does Lupe's rap parts on Battle Scars

Due to the fact that Lupe can't be there to perform with Guy all the time, Guy is doing the rap parts during his performances himself now. Watch as he performs on Sunrise above.


  1. Removes drones mysteriously. But very good singing rapping I guess. His rapping voice is a little too calm for some of the material. Didn't realize this song was still huge in Australia. Good job Guy and Lupe


  2. its the 2nd highest selling single released by an australian in australia ever

    the song is poised to take off in US its still going great and sitting in middle of rhythmic charts

    I hope guy does go over in december as thought and lupe really gives it a big push, with loads of promo, it could definately still go all the way with a big push now

  3. Awesome! I think 'drones' removed to give him a chance to take a breath lol. Love the Lupe version but this is as great.

  4. Yes, the breathing's tight. I read once that he plans the breathing before he ever performs something live. This version is new and he does evolve songs, so 'drones' might return.

  5. I appreciate the optimism, but Battle Scars ain't gonna take off in the USA.

    Not enough EDM/club potential.

    1. You were wrong about this.It has sold over 1 million in the USA.:)

  6. he performed the shit out of that song. Wasn't expecting it to be so on point. He seems like hes a hardworking dude

  7. Ok you have to give it to this Guy guy, he's pretty talented.

  8. I can imagine how hard he had to focus so he could perform the song properly


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