Lupe Fiasco to perform @ The Fillmore Silver Spring


WPGC presents Lupe Fiasco at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD on Feb. 27th.

Tickets are available HERE

Rad Omen x SNDCLSH - Leap of Faith EP


The Leap of Faith EP is now available on iTunes. Besides the original track it features 2 remixes which you can stream below!

Battle Scars goes 8x Platinum in Australia


With over 560.000 singles sold, Battle Scars is now 8x certified Platinum in Australia.

Pics: SNDCLSH @ The Republik in Hawaii


The SNDCLSH made their Hawaii debut as the headliners for the “Pepsi NFL Pro Bowl Concert” at The Republik on Friday, Jan. 25. More pics below!

Video: The Young Turks on Lupe's performance at the StartUp Rock Inauguration Event


Cenk Uygur breaks down the scramble and the aftermath of Lupe's performance at Hamilton Live.

Video: Lupe Fiasco kicked off stage after performing "Words I Never Said" for 30 minutes at President Obama Inauguration celebration

So Lupe just performed the first verse of Words I never Said for 30 minutes straight. He had to be removed from the stage.... for performing. Im at a loss for words...

20 min straight... **they cut his mic off**. Raps with no mic for 5-10 more minutes, People booing and everything. They cut the power to the stage. All those people... stunned! Security had to remove the homie from the stage.

He did the entire set, all the music from all the songs he was going to play were played... but he only did that verse. He stopped and had water once, and then he started the verse again...and again... and again... and again... No arrests... they just removed him from the stage. Nothing violent or negative was done. Just an #EpicShow!

Take this Day serious. #MLKDay - @LupeFiascoStore

Lupe Fiasco to perform at the Grammy Foundation's "Play it Forward"


The GRAMMY Foundation will host Play It Forward: A Celebration Of Music's Evolution And Influencers — the 15th Annual GRAMMY Foundation Music Preservation Project — on Feb. 7, 2013, at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA. Featuring performances by Lupe and others!
Tickets HERE

New Music: Brother Ali - Nardwuar


Brother Ali just dropped this joint inspired by his interview with Nardwuar. He took the records he got from Nard and made a beat out of 'em.  Lupe is mentioned, too.

Video: Common wants to have Lupe on his Mixtape


Common recently talked to Whoo Kid about his upcoming mixtape and said he'll eventually do a track with Lupe for it. Skip to the 10 minute mark.

Lupe Fiasco's F&L2 Part 2 cancelled for 2013 - New Album On The Way


Hello. A decision has been made that the project titled "F&L2 Part 2" will be summarily cancelled for public release in 2013. The title/concept for Lupe's 2013 release will be revealed later this year. The LF twitter will be closed until that time.

via Lu's Twitter

Lupe Fiasco to perform at Inaugural Celebration


At the Hamilton, a group of area technology startups have joined forces to start up other startups (say that three times fast) and are using the inauguration as a platform to show off their work.

Together HyperVocal, Event Farm and Fighter Interactive have created StartUp RockOn, an event series, and for inauguration they are bringing the Grammy-nominated rapper Lupe Fiasco to perform in DC on January 20th.

Tickets available HERE

via WashingtonExaminer 

Lupe Fiasco for US Alteration Spring/Summer 2013


Once again... Lupe for US Alteration. More images below!

Nas acknowledges Lupe's Greatness


CNN recently named Nas the greatest lyricist of all time. In an interview with MTV he responded to that and also mentioned Kendrick and Lupe. Read below:

Nas is widely believed to be the victor in his and Jay's clash, and to strengthen their argument, CNN pointed to a 2006 MTV News interview with both spitters, where Jigga acknowledges the Life is Good rapper as "one of the best lyricists ever."

Where Jay stopped short of declaring Nas the one, CNN saw no problem in anointing God's Son. Still Nas is quite sure that there will one day be a new MC to over take his place in the annals of rap, just as many believe he supplanted 1980s icon Rakim.

"There was never a next Rakim. There's only one Rakim, and you can compare people to me, which is a great honor to me, but those guys are really on their path to becoming great Kendricks and greater Lupes," he said. "I think it took years after Illmatic, after my first record, before people started to get used to me and started to get into what I was all about and what the Nas story was."

Read it all HERE

Be Quick and get a Japanese Cartoon Hoodie signed by Lupe Fiasco!


Happy New Year Lasers! As valued customers and fans of the greatest Artist in the world, we are giving you a first crack at one of our very special promotions!

Our very own Lupe Fiasco will be autographing Merch for you while supplies last! So, if you visit right now and order the Japanese Cartoon "Album Art" hoodie in any size, Lupe will personally sign it! Be sure to put "email" in the comments when you are ordering! Have a wonderful day today and Remember 2 Smile! :)

Pepsi Concert for the 2013 Pro Bowl to feature SNDCLSH


The SNDCLSH, featuring DJ Lupe Fiasco and DJ Sky Gellatly, make their Hawaii debut performance live at The Republik for the 2013 Pepsi Pro Bowl Concert on Friday, January 25, 2013.

Tickets are on sale right HERE.

via HawaiiReporter

S1 talks working with Lupe Fiasco


We already heard about S1 doing a bulk of the production on the 2nd part of Food & Liquor 2, now he did an interview with HHNM in which he talked a bit more about it.

Read below:

HHNM: Who are some of the artists you are working with at the moment? What can we expect from you in the near future?

S1: I’m working with Lupe on his new album that is supposed to come out this year. I actually have been working a lot with him. I got a lot of songs with Lupe. This is the second part of Food & Liquor II and I am very involved with the overall sound he’s creating. Definitely excited about it.

I had a joint with Game on Jesus Piece called ‘Blood Diamonds’ which was on the deluxe version. Who else.. I’m working with Raekwon, of course Kanye, Royce Da 5’9” on his solo project, I’ve been sending some songs to Eminem as well. J. Cole is another one. Then I’ve been working with Ryan Leslie as well.

There’s this incredible singer-songwriter by the name of Roy English. I think he’s really gonna be one of those next new cats that really takes off. That’s another project I’ve been heavily involved with.

Full interview can be read HERE

New Music: Hey Champ - Cliché


After a very long (and ill-advised) hiatus from releasing music, Hey Champ are back with a FREE DOWNLOAD of "Cliché," the first of many original songs to be released in 2013.

New Music: J.Nolan - Lost And Found (prod. by Grade A)

1 comment:

It has been quite a while since we posted some new J.Nolan music on here. I think the last time was when we released our Dreaming Awake mixtape. Due to that we'll give you a bunch of new things right now. So here we go!

While your mom was probably busy playing bingo on, J.Nolan put together a new track for producer Grade A's debut album, "Further Than They Ever Thought."  Which you can download HERE! Further Than They Ever Thought features a bunch of other MCs like e.d.g.e, Termanology and Sha Stimuli. So check it out! ...We hope you enjoy the track as much as we do!

In other J.Nolan news, he released a 15 track collabo album together with Yung B Da Producer earlier last month which you can listen to and download right HERE.

Kenna x Lupe Fiasco - What U Want


We had a Lupe-less version and a Chad Hugo remix of this track up on here here's (what seems to be) the final version with Lupe and Kenna!

New Music: Vanessa Elisha - Blur [prod. by Jrdn Gxnius]


I'd like to introduce you to Vanessa Elisha, who's an independent singer / songwriter from Australia. "Blur" produced by Jrdn Gxnius is her first release taken off her, as yet untitled, debut EP that'll drop in February.

Watch the video teaser for the song below!

Video: Curren$y brings out Lupe Fiasco & Mickey Factz @ SOBs


After some pics, here's video footage of Curren$y bringing out Lupe and Factz at SOBs in New York last night.

Bring Lupe some sparkling water and a ninja salad or something... - Spitta

Watch full set below!

Photo-Op: Lupe Fiasco x Mickey Factz x Curren$y @ SOBs


Curren$y performed at SOBs in New York last night and Mickey & Lupe came through to show him some love. Check out more pics below!



LIONMMVIII are KING BEAMON and LEWIS who will release their album BY THE GODS on February 5th. Check out their visual for "GIVENCHY" above!

Video: Lupe Fiasco x Guy Sebastian Perform "Battle Scars" on Jimmy Fallon


Starting the year off right.. Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian performed "Battle Scars" featuring The Roots on last night's episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Blu talks All City Chess Club x Collabo w/ Lupe and Mickey Factz


Blu gave an interview to and talked about the All City Chess Club and a possible collabo between him, Mickey Factz and Lupe. Read below!

ACCC: As many of our readers know, the All City Chess Club “We Beamin’” track was released back in ‘10. Once it dropped, it became the talk of the blogosphere for quite some time. Although the song was well recieved, fans didn’t really get a feel of the recording process behind it. Can you give us a run-down about the atmosphere within the studio when the song was recorded? -- Where Lupe & others in attendance during the session?

Blu: no, not really, actually i was just given the instrumental with instructions to blaze the song, which was surprisingly produced by pharrell of the neptunes. i gave the original a few more listens to make sure i was on track with the concept, and i laced it and sent it back. shortly after i heard the completed song, i thought i should have been placed after lupe, but going after the cool kids was cool, haha.

ACCC: We’re sure many of the fans who visit our site ponder about this from time to time. By your knowledge, were there any other tracks that were recorded other than “We Beamin’” during the All City Chess Club session that never escaped “the vault”?

Blu: not really, i don't know if the guys got together without me and create something,
but there is a track that should actually be sent to me soon with mickey factz and lupe on it.

ACCC: Lupe Fiasco has always been supportive of you Blu, he did said that you’re the only that “scares him” after all. He did mention times before that if he were to have features on his latest album,Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1, he would have only asked you and Kendrick Lamar to contribute. What a great honor -- did Lu ever reach out to you about being apart of F&L2?

Blu: no, i didn't get the invite. all tho we talked quite a few times while he was in california working on the record, i actually got tied up and missed a big session with him that could have possibly placed me on the record.

Read more on AllCityChessClub

Reminder: Lupe Fiasco x Guy Sebastian on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon Tonight!


Tune in to NBC's Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon tonight at 12:35/11:35c!