Video: Lupe Fiasco performs "Crack" on SKEE Live!

Lupe tore the stage down at SKEE Live recently and here is footage of him performing "Crack" ft Chris Brown. This is the best quality out there so far, and this track is definitely a smash!


  1. This or Drizzys Law gonna be 3rd single before TY drops... watch

  2. Higher from the back, fire from the top
    Fire to the buyer, to the tryer of the rock
    Supplier to the buyer to the driver of the drop
    Lighter to the higher, to the writer to the cops
    Lighter to the pipe or set fire to the crops
    Freebase crack rock
    Supplier won't ride when they fire at the box
    Police raid, trap hot
    Police state, black plot
    Drier than the fire so theres violence alot
    Price is going higher so they're firing the shots
    Tired don't survive, its survival of the block
    That's your girl, gotta X that, by any means, I get her clean
    One last hit, and thats it, she want (addict/a dick), can't intervene

  3. This is awful. Why it gotta be so vulgar???

    1. We live in a vulgar world... Lu's just said what we already know

  4. Lol cause it's reality. Lu said himself he wasn't making a song going against it or for it, just bringing the realities to the table. Just like in Conflict Diamonds. Really looking forward to his other song with Big Krit. And the one with Guy Sebastian.

  5. The concept and flow of this track is SUPER HOT!

  6. Goddamn, this track is crazy.

    I wish Shining Down had been released as a single back then, speaking of insane songs.

  7. Too much swearing... Made me cringe.

  8. I was there! awesome performance! I'm the dude with the Skinny arms and necklace in the front lol. So much ebergy!


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